Games Reviews

Is Death Stranding a Fun Game?

Recently, I took a moment to be vulnerable with folks and talk about my writer’s block and how it was caused (at least initially) by Death Stranding. I was really heartened by the response and someone suggested that I just essentially publish my notes because “anything can be a piece”. I liked that idea a […]

Board Games

What Makes a Good Party Board Game?

I’m going to state this right up front – I am a brand ambassador for Big Potato Games, and that’s what has led me to write this blog post. I’ve been thinking about party games a lot more than I usually would (which would be at a party/gathering, I guess!). I’m sure if you’re a […]


Skyrim Mod List

Here’s a complete list of mods being used in my Skyrim streams, including my fundraiser for Gendered Intelligence. I’m playing on the Skyrim Special Edition which includes all the DLC (Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Hearthfire) and using SKSESE (Skyrim Special Edition Script Extender). This is a dependency for many mods. I’m using Mod Organiser 2 to manage […]