1. I want people to feel welcome. Everyone. I will not tolerate trolling or any kind of intolerance. Nobody will be the devil’s advocate here. People play and watch games to get away from that.
  2. I want to entertain people. I know how precious your free time is, and it’s absolutely my privilege to have you here spending it with me. I’m friendly, and at least some of the time I’m funny. I want to play games I enjoy playing, that you like to watch, and make sure we’re all having a lovely time.
  3. I want to create a third space. I read a really interesting article about building a community that talked about third spaces. Your home is your first space, work is your second space, and then the place you hang out, your community – that’s your third space. A place where people greet you warmly, where you feel safe and included, where regulars welcome newcomers like old friends. Hopefully all of you, my viewers, agree with that.

Second Tier Goals

  • 20 average viewers (again)